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Welcome to our interactive website. Viewing the site is easy with a complete product listing by category. Using the products link in the main menu, select the products you wish to view and order online. We will phone all new customers to organize payment.

Hidden Valley Handcrafts shop 2 Harriet Road, Blue Haze LIA, Broome

Welcome to our shop! We are open 10-4, Monday to Friday. We also have a market stall at the Broome Courthouse Markets every Saturday, and on Sundays until late  September. However, we can't carry our whole stock range to the markets, just the essentials. If you are in Broome and can't make it to our shop during the week, we can bring your order to the markets if you phone before Friday afternoon (08 91937036). 

If you can't get to Broome just yet, have a look through the website - there's lots of information and pictures about us and our products.

What's new at Hidden Valley?

After an absolutely marvellous Wet, where it seemed to rain every day, we now see dragon flies, which usually herald the start of the Dry, and crisp clear light. Is that the end of the Wet? So early?  Our staff are nearly all back from holidays, we have a really terrific happy team, and the new year is well underway with some great ideas already emerging...

Soap production has begun again for the year - Yay! Beautiful new stock is curing, including our gorgeous new Warm My Soul soap, which was such a hit with our staff last Christmas. It's just released.

And due to the consistent rains we also have our usual plague proportions of mozzies at this time of year. But a new solution - a heavy duty but still natural and effective Pestoff spray concentrate with or without a 500ml trigger spray bottle (or buy your own). Our test bunnies think it's marvellous, and their test conditions have been terrible, so we are convinced of its effectiveness. 

Also coming soon - new Soy candles - an ivory vanilla one (satisfying popular demand) and a crisp citrus lemon/lime/grapefruit.  And perhaps a new essential oil blend or two.

Other newbies last Christmas - a soap - Global Heart, a  soy candle - Kimberley Blue, a rich new hair treatment Olive, Rose and Chamomile Hair Custard, a potent pulse point  Magdalena's Anointing Oil, and a Feminine Power Toolkit to assist divine feminine expansion. We have some beaut new items for kids - an Occy Washer, a Kimberley Kids Colouring Kit and various gift packs ready to go. There are some little additions - Tomoko's Wishing Birds, Lexie's Soap Gift Tags and deluxe packaging. There's a new natural cleaning product similar to an essential oil - Cleaner's Joy (Spirits of Orange, or D'Limonene).  

Watch out for some videos! Just playing at the moment, learning and making them OUR way.

New - Rewards and Freebies

Hidden Valley is pleased to offer a free gift to the value of $10 for all orders above $150 (products only).  For all orders above $250 (products only) we are pleased to offer EITHER a gift to the value of $20 OR free freight. Please choose your gift from the website (or state your preference for free freight)  and let us know your choice in the Comments section of the order form. Personal shoppers at the markets or our shop may also use our new Loyalty Reward card - just ask for one. We can't avoid price rises, but we want to say thanks for the amazing loyalty many of our customers demonstrate.

 What's New in Broome?

It's a Bran Nu Dae in Broome - the gradual lifting of the heavy weight of anxiety as locals breathe again after Woodside's recent announcement - the LNG processing plant WILL NOT BE LOCATED AT JAMES PRICE POINT!

Naturally some folks are disappointed, some thought it would be a life saver or investor's dream, a few have lost jobs, some businesses have shut down, and many houses, boats and other toys are for sale. But now the process of healing wounds and divisions can begin. Bright new visions of a sustainable economic future are slowly arising. The dollar is going down a little, and this will bring tourism back. Indigenous tourism ventures up the Dampier Peninsular are slowly building. The Taste of Broome nights at Goolarri have been magnificent celebrations of Broome history, culture, music and food.

Unfortunately we can't relax, as pressures build elsewhere - eg. fracking pressures for the huge reserves of shale gas throughout the Canning Basin & Fitzroy River areas. And numerous other mining exploration leases dotting the Kimberley. The Premier still wants a port to ship these and other mineral exports out of the Kimberley. Australia has swung conservative and the new Australian federal government has some ominous plans for the North.

For more current information about the Kimberley, see the links here....

Hidden Valley Handcrafts would like to take this opportunity to thank our many supporters who helped publicize the gas issue throughout Australia, and who sent their well wishes, signed petitions, shared internet information, and much more. Thank you, and may the Kimberley remain Wild and Free, an amazing unique asset for all Australians.

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