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Christmas Goodwill Soap

Christmas Goodwill Soap

A beautiful soap made in traditional colours and aromas to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Contains  pure essential oils of tangerine, orange, may chang, cinnamon, lime, palma rosa, frankincense, nutmeg and clove.

Red, green and gold swirls on green. Or you can have gold swirls & ribbon on black.

Saponified WA virgin olive oil, coconut, certified sustainable palm and castor oils, 

Colours: cosmetic grade brite green pigment (CI 59040), carmine pigment (CI 12490) and gold mica

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Christmas Goodwill Soap Full block 110 gms labelled $7.00
Christmas Goodwill Soap Half block 55 gms unlabelled $3.50

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