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Kids' Soap

Kids' Soap

Zany pure vegetable soap made in bright but safe colours. Contains uplifting, safe and calming pure essential oils for children. Experience has shown that nearly all kids love the aroma - fresh and minty, a little like Juicey Fruit.

To better fit kids' hands and reduce wastage in the bath we only cut Kids' Soap in 2 sizes - Half blocks (half the regular blocks) and Quarters. The half blocks come labelled but the quarters don't. 

A bit of history - we were asked by palliative carers at Princess Margaret Children's Hospital in Perth to consider providing some lovely personal care products to help families soothe their dear children in their last days here on Earth. This soap is one of the results, and we are extremely honoured to have our creative work assist in such a way.

Lime, blue, orange, purple & pink on yellow background

Saponified WA olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, and castor oil, pure essential oils of orange, lime, may chang, mandarin and spearmint.

Colours: lime (CI 59040), blue (CI 60730 & CI 42090), orange (CI 45380), CI 15510 & CI 45350) & yellow (CI 45350 & CI 47000) brites, carmine (CI 12490) and purple (CI 51319) pigments.

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Kids' Soap 2 x half blocks $7.00
Kids' Soap 4 x quarter blocks $7.00

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