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Hero Sleep Cream

Hero Sleep Cream

Much as we don't see why little boys wouldn't like fairies, this is our boy's version of the very popular Fairy Sleep Cream. It is an aromatherapeutic cream to rub on a child's inner wrist to assist littlies to go to sleep. It contains the same sleep inducing pure lavender and Roman chamomile but we added a tiny dash of peppermint for the boys, and made it blue, with none of that girly fairy dust glitter! It is a benign cream made with no nut oils, a safe vegetable emulsifier and plant derived preservative.

Comes with a poem about bravery and the need for rest, to read together before bed.

Rice bran oil, pure organic hydrosols of Roman chamomile and Bulgarian lavender, vegetable derived emulsifying wax, pure essential oils of lavender, Roman chamomile and peppermint, fragrance (natural plant derived preservative), cosmetic grade colour (CI 77007, Ultramarine Blue).

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Hero Sleep Cream 15 ml $10.00

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