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Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

Hidden Valley have experimented with a variety of body scrubs.

We have finally solved the problem of oxidation of our luxurious emulsified salt scrubs, in Broome's heat and humidity, and are now offering our fabulous Sheba Salt scrub again. Basically we took out all the oils which could go rancid in Broome's heat and humidity, and used only our beautiful organic virgin coconut oil, which is highly resistant to oxidation, in addition to the highly emollient shea butter. We kept the original exotic pure essential oil fragrance. Use of the organic coconut adds a little to the price, but we think the finished product is well worth it!

Another current favourite in the Shop is Smooth and Sexy, a solid scrub bar made of cocoa butter with brown sugar and walnut shell, and vanilla/choc fragrance. However, we are loath to offer it in our Wet Season, as it melts at high temperatures and we can't prevent our freight from sitting in the sun at airports over the summer.

Don't forget our popular Coffee Scrub soap. Also, the sugar based Hibiscus & Lotus Facial Scrub, and our organic Rejuvenate and Soothe Facial Exfoliants which utilise jojoba beads.

The following ranges are available for Body Scrubs

Sheba Salt Scrub

Sheba Salt Scrub

A yummy emulsified sea salt body scrub with exotic fragrance, designed to wash off easily leaving skin silky smooth but not greasy. 

Spoon out a dollop and massage into damp skin all over, then rinse off. Store away from heat.

More information on Sheba Salt Scrub

Smooth & Sexy

Smooth & Sexy

Scrumptious certified organic cocoa butter, brown sugar, vanilla and walnut shell exfoliating body bar. So-o-o popular with Broome locals. Leaves skin soft and smooth, without intense oiliness, as the emulsifier helps wash excess oil away.

Use in the shower or bath, rubbing gently over the entire body, then rinse well for soft, smooth, moist, almost edible skin. Ideal for showering with a friend….

More information on Smooth & Sexy

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