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Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Similar to the human shampoo & body bar, this is popular with dog lovers. Novel,  and handy - a soap-free bar made of all the ingredients you would expect in a high quality, mild sulphate free shampoo, without the water which normally accounts for around 60 - 70 per cent of the volume. Since it is waterless, it doesn't require any preservative. pH neutral, kind to skin as a high quality alternative to soap.We add neem oil, a natural insecticide, to deter ticks and fleas, and pure essential oils to help heal and soothe skin irritations.

Makes washing a pooch easier, as you still have one hand free to stop him running away! Leaves the fur beautifully soft and silky.

Just wet dog thoroughly, wipe the poo bar over the dog hair a few times, massage up a thick creamy lather, leave on a few minutes, then rinse off.

This shampoo bar can also be used on children to avoid nits and lice. If infested - leave shampoo on a few minutes, then rinse and use LOTS of conditioner. Comb through hair to remove eggs. The conditioner drowns any remaining lice but will not remove eggs.  You need to comb with the fine toothed comb to remove eggs. Repeat in a few days for any eggs that remained and have since hatched.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocamidapropyl betaine, stearic acid,  cetearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, neem oil, PEG almond glycerides, guar gum, hydrolyzed oat protein, pure essential oils of manuka, tea tree, citronella, kunzea (tick bush), lemon scented tea tree, lemon gum and German chamomile, cosmetic grade ultramarine orange.

Pricing Information
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Dog Shampoo 160 gm bar in gift box $24.00
Dog Shampoo 160 gm bar without box $22.00
Dog Shampoo 100 gm bar $18.00

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