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Pet Care

Pet Care

Since our products are plant based, natural and aim for harmlessness, quite a few are suitable for pet care.

Our solid Dog Shampoo has many years' history now of successful use by our customers. It cleans really well and the neem and lemon gum within it help keep insects at bay.

We have also found success with the Herbal Skin Calm for itchy and irritated skin conditions, and the Healing Cream which works well for wounds. Our suggestion for new wounds is to pour raw honey (organic if possible) on first as nature's wonderful harmless antiseptic. This can be followed within a day or two by Healing Cream for rapid healing of surface wounds. Never mind if either product is licked off, this won't matter. Just keep re-applying.

We can also make up concentrates of skin calming herbal extracts for use in trigger spray bottles on pets. Just contact us to see if this is appropriate.

The following ranges are available for Pet Care

Dog Shampoo Extra Large & Gift Boxed

Dog Shampoo extra large & gift boxed

New in 2014 - a bigger more solid version of the dog shampoo, gift boxed and tagged. This makes a novel and useful gift for dog lovers everywhere. 

Makes washing a pooch easier, as you still have one hand free to stop him running away! Leaves the fur beautifully soft and silky.

More information on Dog Shampoo Extra Large & Gift Boxed

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