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Feminine Power Toolkit

Feminine Power Toolkit

A gift box of Hidden Valley products helping women find their power and voice, and assisting the resurgence and rebalancing of the divine feminine in the world. 

Contains Lovingkindness soap, Woman Balance pure essential oil Blend,  Sacred Self spray, pure Bulgarian Rose hydrosol (for the heart), a small Goddess soy candle and instructions for ritual use, an inspiring fridge magnet, and information and instructions for all.

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Mother And Baby Gift Box

Mother and Baby Gift Box

A lovely gift for both Mother and Baby, including beautiful pure organic calendula and chamomile creams for babies' bottoms and mothers' breasts (Bonny Bum and Nipple Nourish) together with Baby Massage Oil, a helpful calming  lavender Soybeam candle for night feeds, a soap for baby and one for Mum too.

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Spirit Of Broome Hamper

Spirit of Broome Hamper

Popular Broome soy wax candle such as Cable Beach Sunset, or Pearl (Peace) or Roebuck Bay, with 5 Broome soaps - normally Cable Beach Sunset, Frangipani or Saltwater Country, Pearl, Kimberley Wet and Full Moon Rising or Spirit of Broome, all in a gift hamper with shredded recycled paper, shrink wrapped . Let us know in the comments if you would prefer any other soaps.

A very Broomey gift!

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Beeswax Wrap Kit

Beeswax Wrap Kit

All you need except the colourful fabrics to make your own eco-friendly beeswax food wraps, replacing cling film for storage of food.

This kit contains 100  grams beeswax, 60 gm gum rosin (helps make it flexible and sticky) and 30 ml jojoba oil (to soften with an oil which wont go rancid). Full instructions are provided, also tips for using, and care and maintenance. This amount will make 10-15 wraps, depending on the size you choose.  Find your own fabrics from remnants, calico, old sheets or clothes, or new bright quilting fabrics. 100% cotton is best, with close weave. Lighter colours dont show the wax as much. 

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Rejuvenate Pack Of 3

Rejuvenate Pack of 3

Full set of 3 beautiful mild and primarily organic facial skin care products for dry or mature skin - Ubtan Vata Cleanser/Exfoliant, Toning & Treatment Serum and Moisturiser, with small sweet ceramic bowl and spoon, in a handy zip bag with full instructions and information.  These are our finest safest and most "chemical free" facial products, and we are confident you will love them too. 

We have remodelled the pack to include the Ubtan Vata - our very popular all natural finely ground cereal, herb and essential oil cleanser which works as both cleanser and mild scrub. This product is quite unique - it results from a kind of marriage of Arjuvedic skin care principles with our knowledge of Western herbs and essential oils - all to help dry or mature skin. There are NO synthetic chemicals - no emulsifiers or preservatives required. It may be sufficient to use this cleanser every few days if you are not wearing makeup.  However, the Rejuvenate 1 Creamy Cleanser is also available for daily use if required or if you prefer this.

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Rejuvenate Pack Of 4

Rejuvenate Pack of 4

This is our top level original Rejuvenate Range of 4 beautiful and carefully crafted organic facial skin care products for dry or mature skin. Cleanser, Toning & Treatment Serum, Moisturiser and Exfoliant come in a handy plastic zip bag, with instructions.

Designed for women with dry or mature skin, but our daughters also love these!

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Dog Shampoo Extra Large & Gift Boxed

Dog Shampoo extra large & gift boxed

New in 2014 - a bigger more solid version of the dog shampoo, gift boxed and tagged. This makes a novel and useful gift for dog lovers everywhere. 

Makes washing a pooch easier, as you still have one hand free to stop him running away! Leaves the fur beautifully soft and silky.

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