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Hidden Valley offers a stock selection of boxed soaps as well as gift boxes and Eco platters of mixed products such as candles, soaps and skin care products.

In addition, you are welcome to design your own gift collection by choosing products and consulting with staff to select either a large or small box, or a large or small Eco platter (plate) made from the outer casing of the areca palm. Both include wood wool, shrink wrapping and a decoration if needed.

We can also gift wrap your gift with pretty paper, ribbon and a little card with your words, and send it directly to the treasured person. We send the invoice to you with extra charge of $5 or $6 for deluxe wrap.

The following products are available for Gift Collections

What's New?

What's New?

These are our latest newest products - soaps, skin care, essential oil blends, candles. Naturally we have to drop some of the old ones, and inevitably there is a sudden run on those! But change is great, a fact of life. And we appreciate feedback of any kind about what you really like or what you don't!

More information on What's New?

Full & Half Blocks Of Soap

Full & half blocks of soap

Our standard large soaps weigh approximately 100 -110 grams, and measure approximately 6 x 6.5 x 3 cm. They come labelled with paper cigar wrappers. We aim to have good stocks of all these available at all times. Weights and sizes vary with age - older soaps are harder as they have evaporated more of their water content. 

In addition, you can usually purchase half blocks, which are thinner, approximately 6 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm. Every time we cut a big block of newly made soap, we cut just one layer of half soap blocks. Mostly we use these in our gift boxes - Assortments and Large Samplers. We do not always have every kind of soap half block in stock and please note that half blocks do not normally have individual labels.

More information on Full & Half Blocks Of Soap

Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

We can gift wrap and forward your gift direct to your treasured person if you wish, via our Gift Sending Service, which saves you time and effort.

Hidden Valley prefers not to waste money and resources on too much packaging. However, we have a variety of simple gift packaging options including boxes and ecoplatters. Just choose your products (normally 3-6), check with our helpful staff on 08 91937036,  and they will advise.  We add wood wook, shrink wrapping and a decoration if needed.

More information on Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

Soap Gift Boxes

Soap Gift Boxes

Hidden Valley puts its soaps into various gift boxes for special occasions. Our policy is to maintain transparency - to show customers the cost of extras such as gift boxes. Hence, these boxes cost more than simply buying the same number of soaps unboxed.

We have standard boxes for 3 soaps or 6 soaps, with 2 different box designs to choose from - Broome or Hidden Valley Favourites.

More information on Soap Gift Boxes

Candle Gift Boxes

Candle Gift Boxes

We offer sets of 3 baby soybeams in a box, and also a gift boxed set of 3 tealights in a French metro jar. This is in addition to our full range of medium soybeams, each of which is gift boxed.

Our first candle collections are -

More information on Candle Gift Boxes



Soybeams are beautiful safe bulb shaped containers with lids, containing sustainable bio-friendly soy wax candles with pure essential oils added at a minimum of 4 percent. We finish these bulbs with gift tags and wooden beads on white leather thonging, so they make beautiful luxurious gifts. Each soybeam takes 125 gms soy wax and burns around 40 hours, so you can use them again and again. These are now packaged more safely and attractively in gift boxes.

At Christmas time we optionally package our Peace, Celebration & Tree of Life soybeams in Christmas style with holly, gold bells etc. Just ask if you prefer these decorations. We also package them with Christmas soaps - see our Christmas Gift Collections.

More information on Soybeams

Soy Tealights

Soy Tealights

We have now added more aromas and colours to our soy range, making a total of 15 Soybeam aromas, each made in glass containers (soybeams) as well as tealights in clear non toxic polycarbonate holders. Burn these anywhere, or use them in your soybeam glassware when the originals are finished.

NEW! Pick & Mix your favourite tealights in a gift box with see through top, and a little catalogue to explain the different colours and their essential oil aromas. Or choose 6 of the same kind.

More information on Soy Tealights

Organic Facial Skin Care

Organic Facial Skin Care

The Rejuvenate range is designed for those women like ourselves, who have mature or dry skin. We spent a long time deciding on the very purest and most effective ingredients for our "women of wisdom". This range is jam packed with nourishing, replenishing ingredients and we have been thrilled with the results we have experienced ourselves. So what are these ingredients?

  • Eco Cert (France) approved olive emulse wax, gentle and plant based
  • Pure organic carrier oils – camellia, jojoba, evening primrose oil and rosehip, all chosen for their skin nurturing properties
  • Pure organic hydrosols – the pure fragrant water from the distillation of essential oils Rose and Roman chamomile, skin loving and heart nourishing
  • Organic plant extracts which are anti ageing, strengthening, elasticising, and anti oxidant – Ginseng,    Gotu Kola, Gingko biloba, Olive leaf and Rice
  • Soothing emollients & cleansers – organic shea butter, olive squalane, Lamesoft (coco glucoside & glyceryl oleate), sucrose fatty acid esters, hydrolyzed oat protein and yucca extract to enhance cleansing and to support the lipid layer of skin, keeping it supple. We use no harsh or foaming surfactants. 
  • Vitamins A (elasticity and age lines), B (moisturising and soothing), C (anti ageing, soothing and protective), & E ( soothing, healing, regenerating)
  • CoEnzymeQ10 – anti oxidant which protects the cell membrane against environmental damage caused by free radicals , thus helping to prevent wrinkles and sagging
  • Bush Flower essences selected especially to balance and nurture the feminine
  • Plant based gelling agents hydroxypropyl starch phosphate & dehydroxanthan gum

Our natural preservative system is something we are pleased with as we can avoid the dangers associated with many other systems for preserving the quality of products.

More information on Organic Facial Skin Care

Body And Hand Wash

Body and Hand Wash

Really luxurious and safe emollient bath and hand wash gels for those who prefer to use liquids to wash with. pH balanced, using mild and safe cleansers decyl polyglucose and cocobetaine, with moisturizing sucrose cocoate and glyceryl cocoate. These will not strip your skin oils and they feel really kind to your skin. Use them to fill your liquid soap dispensers for hand wash, or straight from the plastic pump pack.

We offer 5 different aroma blends.

More information on Body And Hand Wash

Body Lotions

Body Lotions

Simple, light, easily absorbed body lotions made only from beautiful cold pressed Australian macadamia and jojoba oils, with purified water,  emulsifying wax, Vitamin E, a non-paraben preservative and pure essential oils. Compare the huge list of chemicals in supermarket body lotions!

More information on Body Lotions

Baby & Mother Products

Baby & Mother Products

We take special care to produce extremely safe products for babies and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers - when in doubt we always take a conservative view, choosing only ingredients which are completely harmless. Ingredients are also organic where possible.

The Bonny Bum ointment is extremely popular with Broome mothers to avoid and treat nappy rash. It is also an ideal soother for Mum's post partum tender areas. We take care to infuse organic herbs in organic olive oil over time and add safe anti-oxidants and low dosages of appropriate essential oils.

More information on Baby & Mother Products

Woman Wellbeing

Woman Wellbeing

A new category of products designed to assist women who wish to take charge of their own health and wellbeing in natural ways. 

Naturally, most of our products are helpful for women. This category singles out some of the most useful products for common women's issues (as opposed to human issues). We intend this category to grow and expand! 

More information on Woman Wellbeing

Blokes' Stuff

Blokes' Stuff

Products in our collection for fellas include our popular long lasting spicy skin-friendly  Close Shave in a stainless steel tin and wooden shaving brush.

Soothing Sandalwood After Shave is designed to tone, soothe, stop bleeding and moisturize blokes' skin.

More information on Blokes' Stuff

Solid Shampoos

Solid Shampoos

We have solid shampoos which are not soaps. Think of them as large bottles of high quality health food shop  shampoo without the water, lasting as least as long, and possibly quite a bit longer. One lady had hers last 2 years! Why do we make them like this?

First, it eliminates the need for any preservatives, as waterless products do not need to be preserved. And preservatives are possibly the most controversial ingredients in any skin and hair care products. So we sidestep any problems here.

More information on Solid Shampoos

Room And Linen Sprays

Room and Linen Sprays

Of course you  can buy ours, and we have some good ones - Peace (for general soft calming energy), Bush Breathe (for easy breathing, especially when colds and flu or other upper respiratory tract infections are about), Sacred Space (energy clearing for rooms and spaces), Sun over Sea (great for bathrooms & loos).

Or, you can make your own, tailor made to your own taste, and much cheaper.

More information on Room And Linen Sprays

Pet Care

Pet Care

Since our products are plant based, natural and aim for harmlessness, quite a few are suitable for pet care.

Our solid Dog Shampoo has many years' history now of successful use by our customers. It cleans really well and the neem and lemon gum within it help keep insects at bay.

More information on Pet Care

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