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Soap Full And Half Blocks

Soap full and half blocks

Our standard large soaps weigh approximately 100 -110 grams, and measure approximately 6 x 6.5 x 3 cm. They come labelled with paper cigar wrappers. We aim to have good stocks of all these available at all times. Weights and sizes vary with age - older soaps are harder as they have evaporated more of their water content. 

In addition, you can usually purchase half blocks, which are thinner, approximately 6 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm. Every time we cut a big block of newly made soap, we cut just one layer of half soap blocks. Mostly we use these in our gift boxes - Assortments and Large Samplers. We do not always have every kind of soap half block in stock and please note that half blocks do not normally have individual labels.

Sometimes we have some soap specials (often soaps with little colour, or superceded soaps) at 4 soaps for $15. Feel free to phone (08)91937036 for more details.

We also gift wrap our most popular soaps in cotton fabric and satin ribbon. These make a really beautiful, small, handmade gift - great for a hostess, teacher, or anyone needing a token of appreciation and love.

The following ranges are available for Soap Full And Half Blocks

Soap Stand Bamboo

Soap Stand Bamboo

Solid bamboo soap stand with 2 drainage holes.

Any soap can be tied on with raffia or shrink wrapped with a decoration ($15, see Gift Collections).

More information on Soap Stand Bamboo

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