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Hidden Valley sells some accessories for use with our soaps, candles, essential oils, skin and hair care products. We choose these carefully for their quality and/or cost effectiveness.

The following products are available for Accessories



At Christmas we make our traditional Christmas Goodwill soap, and package these and our Peace, Celebration and Honey Myrtle & Lime soy candles in various formats to make delightful gifts intended for hosts and hostesses, neighbours, family and friends who are hard to buy for. Or perhaps just for that extra forgotten person.

Together these make lovely hand made gifts. You can easily find something exquisite and unique for $10 or under. We are proud to be producers in Australia. There seem to be ever fewer businesses left which actually make things!

More information on Christmas

Full & Half Blocks Of Soap

Full & half blocks of soap

Our standard large soaps weigh approximately 100 -110 grams, and measure approximately 6 x 6.5 x 3 cm. They come labelled with paper cigar wrappers. We aim to have good stocks of all these available at all times. Weights and sizes vary with age - older soaps are harder as they have evaporated more of their water content. 

In addition, you can usually purchase half blocks, which are thinner, approximately 6 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm. Every time we cut a big block of newly made soap, we cut just one layer of half soap blocks. Mostly we use these in our gift boxes - Assortments and Large Samplers. We do not always have every kind of soap half block in stock and please note that half blocks do not normally have individual labels.

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Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

We can gift wrap and forward your gift direct to your treasured person if you wish, via our Gift Sending Service, which saves you time and effort.

Hidden Valley prefers not to waste money and resources on too much packaging. However, we have a variety of simple gift packaging options including boxes and ecoplatters. Just choose your products (normally 3-6), check with our helpful staff on 08 91937036,  and they will advise.  We add wood wook, shrink wrapping and a decoration if needed.

More information on Hidden Valley Packaging & Gift Services

Soap Gift Boxes

Soap Gift Boxes

Hidden Valley puts its soaps into various gift boxes for special occasions. Our policy is to maintain transparency - to show customers the cost of extras such as gift boxes. Hence, these boxes cost more than simply buying the same number of soaps unboxed.

We have standard boxes for 3 soaps or 6 soaps, with 2 different box designs to choose from - Broome or Hidden Valley Favourites.

More information on Soap Gift Boxes

Blokes' Stuff

Blokes' Stuff

Products in our collection for fellas include our popular long lasting spicy skin-friendly  Close Shave in a stainless steel tin and wooden shaving brush.

Soothing Sandalwood After Shave is designed to tone, soothe, stop bleeding and moisturize blokes' skin.

More information on Blokes' Stuff

Essential Oil Accessories

Essential Oil Accessories

We offer wooden storage boxes for essential oils, electric vaporizers/diffusers with or without LED lights, and the latest ultrasonic mist diffusers. Some of these are dual purpose - can be used with soy wax melts. And there is also a small Caroma (car diffuser).

We can also supply solubulizer (polysorbate 20) to make room sprays from your essential oils, and various carrier oils including jojoba, a water dispersible massage blend, coconut and fractionated coconut oils. We do stock many carrier and healing oils for use in our skin care products, so feel free to ask if you need something not listed in the website.

More information on Essential Oil Accessories

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