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Our Aims

Our  overall  business  intention  is  to extend  loving kindness through our products and how we work, living our values and encouraging them in others (trust, honesty, responsibility, respect, quality, purity, positive thinking, tolerance and compassion)

*To make pure, natural, safe products incorporating the beautiful aromas & healing properties of plants

*To seek creative inspiration from the colours,  textures and aromas of Hidden Valley, Broome and the Kimberley region

*To keep prices affordable by saving on packaging and advertising but not on quality ingredients

*To make beautiful vegetable soap by hand with careful craftsmanship

*To make pure skin care products in small batches with plant based and safe ingredients to ensure freshness with minimum preservatives

*To share information about harmful ingredients and safe alternatives,  maintaining a debunking attitude toward myths in the “beauty industry”

*To market directly to individuals as well as shops and guesthouses, keeping personal contact with the people who actually use our products

*To keep the business small, responsive and ethical, insisting on a happy, loving working environment for our team, knowing this reflects in our products and services

*To give back to the local community, the country and the world which sustains and supports us.    

Soapmaker's Prayer

Let this soap cleanse away fear,
Let love be here.  

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